Dj and eMCee party Services Making Your Event Unforgettable!

Elevate your special event with the best DJ services in South Florida


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Our DJ and EMCEE services will surely get the party started!

We offer a comprehensive range of music to cater to your special day. Create your own unique playlist or let our expertise worry about that for you, just simply provide us with a few details and the schedule of events and we will take care of the rest.

We will provide sound, lighting and effects such as a fog machine if needed so one less thing for the newlyweds to worry about. See our party add-ons for pricing.

Nightclubs & Restaurants

Elevate the DJ lineup at your Nightclub or Restaurant.

DJ Calibr8 will turn up the heat at your establishment spinning your choice of genre to match your crowd and environment. E.E.E. will set the vibe with musical entertainment that will entertain your guests until the last person is standing. Choose from our many styles of music including: House, breakbeats, electro, top 40, 80’s, rock, latin, and more.

Corporate & Private Events

For business professional events, we will curate the perfect playlist and create a seamless flow of music that will keep the sound and vibe pleasant to allow guests to network. Depending on your preference, we can alter the dynamic of the music and sound to suit the event needs.

Military Balls

Our resident DJ Calibr8 is well versed in Military Ceremonies and Extravagant Military Balls. His experience comes from his 21 year Army background.

We will come equipped with sound, lighting and effects, as well as all of the necessary ceremony songs. Keeping the vibe poised and proper for the first half, and for the second half Dj Calibr8 will be sure to get the dance floor jumping.

Birthdays, Special Events & Parties

Parties are our jam! Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a holiday party, or just a get-together, we got you covered.

Our extensive music collection will be sure to satisfy all ages and get everyone dancing and having fun. We can provide sound, lighting and effects if needed. See our party add-ons for pricing.

Boat Tours & Yacht Parties

Who doesn’t love a party on a boat!

Our services extend into the waterways of the east coast. Make your party an unforgettable one with DJ Calibr8 spinning the finest of House, Electro, Breakbeats, Hiphop, Reggaeton and many more music genres to choose from. We guarantee to ROCK THE BOAT!


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Each event will have different requests, so we do go by the request of the coordinator, however we are fully prepared to come equipped with our own full DJ and sound set-up. Or full set-up includes 2 dynamic speakers with stands and subwoofers for optimal sound, 2 rotating dance floor lights, a fog machine, a DJ mixer, headphones, 2 cordless top quality mics. 

We are extremely versatile and adaptable. We can cater to any type of event wether it be a child’s party or an adult affair, a wedding or a celebration of life, and from corporate events to night clubs; we can do it all.

Our services are priced based on the length of time needed, the date, location and size of the venue, the equipment, and the extra services needed such as an emcee, etc. All of these things come into play when booking our services. It is always best to send us a request through the site or just give us a call at 305-522-1742, we will then gather all the details and give you the best offer we can.

My style is very wide ranged, as a 70’s baby, I grew up around a lot of classic music like old school hip hop and r&b, as well as 80’s, 90’s, classic rock, and top 40. My most passionate style would have to be in the realm of dance music, (EDM) a combination of electro, breakbeats and house. 

Currently we are located in New Smyrna Beach, FL, so anything within 2hours driving distance is included, but we are open to traveling anywhere as long as travel expenses are fully accommodated.